Rastoke is nicknamed ‘Small Plitvice’ as it shares some of the very features that make the Plitvice Lakes, situated close by, so popular. Like the Lakes, Rastoke too sits on a limestone barrier, and is blessed with a dramatically beautiful setting. This little village has grown along the edge of a respectable and robust waterfall where the Korana and Slunjcica rivers meet. These waters flow around and into the village, creating numerous streams and pools.

The serenity of the village masks a difficult, violent past. This region was one of the hardest hit during the war in the early 1990s. The entire village was horribly damaged. Homes were burnt down and the surrounding area was loaded with landmines and explosives. Since then, the region has undergone a successful restoration program carried out by the government. It has been de-mined and restored, maintaining the village’s architectural integrity.

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